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Sunny Heartley says of Native American “ Inspired" Flute Making..."I do not remember not making Flutes. It is definitely GOD's Gift to me, though it has only been fourteen summers now that I have been crafting them, or have they been crafting me? I have learned quite a bit about flutes, myself, and the world during this process of Flute making. Each Flute that I build, teaches me something new, as do the people who purchase them from me, and my fellow Flute makers, as well, teach me for I have learned to listen...listen to the notes, listen to the words, and to listen to the Creator. For within and without is where the journey begins and ends, and my journey as a flute maker has a new beginning each day I get to hand-craft a flute for someone special. May this journey continue for many more summers,as it brings me such joy to share the music the Flutes make and the Healing that takes place from the playing of my Native American "inspired" Flutes.To The Creator... I am eternally grateful for my gift and will continue to bring each Flute I craft to life with the spirit of Healing, Joy ,and Love.To add some more info; These Flutes are seen as extremely effective Sound Healing Tools because of their bright voices and accurate tunings... May Blessings flow into each of you everyday… 

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